Submit Non-Cash Compensation

Every IAR is required to submit their non-cash compensation as it is received/given.  Use the form below to submit.  If you have more than one, navigate back to this page and submit again.

Name of the person providing or receiving the Non-Cash Compensation to/from you. (Client, Prospect, or wholesaler, etc.)
Only provide an organization if the gift or business entertainment is being provided or was received by a Product Sponsor.
Events should be generally infrequent and based on a personal relationship and be personal in nature. Examples of events that may qualify for the exemption include weddings, births, bereavements or milestone celebrations such as a baptism or bar/bat mitzvah or Quinceañera, etc. Holiday celebrations and routine birthdays are not considered Life Events.
City / State
This might be the name of the establishment where the business entertainment was provided or this could be the retailer where the gift was purchased through.
All gifts must be valued at the greater of the cost in terms of what the giver paid, or its fair market or face value.