Social Media Usage Guidelines

**LPL is rolling out their new social patrol system through 1Q20, which will remove the need for Erado and change some of the below requirements.  Until notified otherwise, continue to follow the standard procedures while this new program is implemented.

Below are the comprehensive rules about what is and is not allowed on the LPL approved social media sites; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Before using any social media service, you will need to take the Social Media training modules provided on the LPL learning center.  This mandatory course is called Social Networking and will take about 30 minutes to complete.  Second, you will need to set up Erado accounts for each type of social media you plan to use.  For questions about getting set up with Erado, please contact Karen McCarthy (  Finally, your social site content must be submitted to the ComplianceMAX system for LPL approval.




Pre-Approval Required

Static profile

Static profile

Static profile

Activities Permitted (subject to archiving and post-use review)

  • Use messaging or email functions (InMail)
  • Sharing an update
  • Posting under ‘Network Activity’
  • Sharing comments within discussion group
  • ‘Ask’ or ‘Answer Questions’
  • Sending messages to other users
  • Status updates
  • Sharing a photo or link
  • Sharing a question
  • posting content on another user’s wall
  • Posting comments within ‘Discussion’ tab
  • Use direct messagin or email functions
  • Tweets / Retweets
  • @replies
  • @mentions
  • Twitpic
  • Favorites
  • Hash tags

Restricted Activities

  • Accepting recommendations
  • Visible endorsements of your skills and expertise (advisor must hide endorsements of financial service related items)
  • Chat functions
  • Accepting recommendations (advisor must disable the ‘Review’ tab entirely)
  • Posting a comment in reply to comments left on the advisor’s wall or another users’ wall
  • Accepting recommendations
  • May not use SMS invite outside of states in which you are registered.

Advisor Websites

FINRA requires that all Advisor websites must include a readily apparent reference and hyperlink to BrokerCheck on the home page, as well as any other pages that include a professional profile of registered persons.  This pertains to web sites only, not social media sites.